PipBoy Phone Theme (including link)


This is my current homescreen. I can’t take credit for anything except being able to follow the excellent directions provided by Turner Davis. I also used his files to create my headers, and I need to figure out how to credit him for that.

Speaking of phones, I have an HTC One in blue. I love it. My husband has the same phone in black, and it’s worked out great for both of us. If anyone is considering getting one and has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge. These are not the newest Ones, though; we got them in December. I’m happy with HTC in general, though. I’m kind of tough on my stuff, especially something that I use and carry as much as my phone, and I’ve never had an HTC break. I gave my son, who is harder on electronics than I am, my old HTC to play games on when I upgraded, and although he’s managed to lose it in the house a couple of times (something he gets from me… I haven’t seen my keys since Saturday, I think, but I know they’re in the house), he hasn’t broken even the screen. Quality stuff.


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