Thoughts on Zombies, Run! 5k [Spoilers]

I just finished Week 3 Day 2 of the Zombies, Run! 5k trainer. The workouts to train for a 5k are, by and large, pretty similar, so there’s not much to comment on there. The story is what keeps me going. My style of running is basically “start off at a decent pace, turn off brain, adjust as necessary”, but I still need something for my brain to do because it won’t shut up. So having a story helps.

So far I’ve found out that Rajit wrote a novel that he wants someone to read, things have gone missing from Francesca’s kitchen, and Sam, the Runner contact, had a thing going with the previous Runner 5. Today, though, I wanted so badly to actually be able to get back to base so I could punch Runner 10 in the nose. That thought actually helped keep me going for a bit. He staked a chained zombie out in the training area, and we discovered that knee lifts enrage zombies. Which meant she was getting enraged while I was theoretically within biting distance… even more so when she actually managed to pull the stake out of the ground and start chasing me!

It really is kind of fun to let my imagination out to play. And I got a new personal best, so that’s pretty awesome. I guess this stuff is working! I need to remember to plot out some longer routes before my next run.


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