(Note: Commentary is my random thoughts while playing, not actual critique.)

An Evening With Mister Manchester: This Mr. Manchester seems a bit eccentric. If he didn’t have money, he’d just be nuts.

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell the elves: handrail technology. Look into it.

That electronic voice at the front door is creepy. The message is funny, though.

I wonder about the dude in the house. There’s a lot of potential story material there.

The waitress is pretty cool. I like that she’s figured out that actual customer service is what gets tips. Flirting for tips is just demeaning to both parties. Unless that’s actually in your job description. It’s never been in mine when I was waitressing.

I appreciate that Puce Moose set up a hints page on his/her website. Mostly I’ve been using it when I have an idea of what to do next, just as a double-check, but with the bricks, it saved my bacon. I must have missed a couple of notes. I’m really loving the logic puzzles, though.


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