Fallout 3 Mods: A Note Easily Missed and An Evening With Mister Manchester

A Note Easily Missed: I finished this one. Overall, it was a little rough in the technical aspects, although I can’t be sure how much was the mod and how much was the result of conflicts with other mods, but given that it was Puce Moose’s first mod, very nice. The puzzles made sense logically, and I liked the use of quizzes as a different type of mechanic to get keys.

An Evening With Mister Manchester: This is the second in Puce Moose’s series, and so far I’m very much enjoying it. It’s more polished as a final product. As before, the puzzles so far are logical and make sense to me, and the storyline is intriguing. I’m still having some issues with textures, but I uninstalled ANEM when I discovered that one of the locations overlaps, so hopefully that will resolve the texture issues. I might try uninstalling Manchester and reinstalling if that doesn’t work.

Bonus update on the Cap shield: I taped over the red today so I can sand off the extra paint where it seeped under the tape and get to the blue paint to sand it off. Whenever I get around to it, my next step will be to use the expensive stuff to tape off the star in the middle and paint the blue. It’s supposed to be nice out tomorrow, so I may sit outside and sand, then tape and paint.


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