More About Fallout 3 Mods [Spoilers]

Thoughts about A Note Easily Missed: I contacted the author of the mod, Puce Moose, and even though he had posted last year or so that he wasn’t doing mods for FO3 anymore, having moved on to Fallout: New Vegas (F:NV), he responded quickly. I was looking at the wrong texture that wasn’t showing up, and the Tiger building actually is there. Unfortunately, after I play through the interior and try to exit, the game crashes to desktop (CTD). I figure that ANEM is conflicting with one of my other mods, and when I have an hour or so and a little more patience, I’ll go through and figure out what’s conflicting. Hopefully it’s something I can uninstall now and swap out later when I finish ANEM, and not one of the ones I’m in the middle of the story on!

I’ve had a couple clues that it’s conflicting. There are quite a few textures that don’t show up right, and the landscape scenery probably shouldn’t be floating a couple of feet above the ground. The fact that very few people have had this same issue was my biggest clue, but the penny really dropped when I was in the Tiger building and saw the textures for a gun hanging on the wall instead of what I assume were meant to be posters. They show up fine in the folders, but not the game.

And I figured out which mod it’s conflicting with. Old World Secrets modified something nearby, so it’s probably a safe bet that it’s in the same cell. I uninstalled OWS, and I was able to exit the building without a crash. Although I did get hit in the head with a dead Yao Guai.


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