Heritage Home progress… sort of. End thoughts on Manchester.

Not a great day today. I slept very late, and there was a thunderstorm that left me hurting.

An Evening With Mister Manchester: Overall, an enjoyable mod. I didn’t finish all the side quests, like the elevator, but I did get the Tiger Siberian. I think this may be my favorite gun in the game. It’s accurate and long-range and fun. As for Mister Manchester himself… a odd duck, definitely.

Heritage Home: I had to reinstall this, because I uninstalled all my mods when the textures for Manchester wouldn’t work. And now I have to redo everything I had already done, which isn’t a problem, except that I’m hurting so much that I’m not thinking straight. I’ll figure out where the key for the walkway is tomorrow.

I have To Sleep, Perchance To Dream installed, but I suspect that will also take more brain power than I have available at the moment. I’m off to poke around the interbutts, and occasionally pause to wonder what in the hell the people next door are doing that requires so much randomly-timed banging around.


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