Not a great day.

Today was not going to be a good day, given the weather. The temperature has dropped 40 degrees in two days, and my shoulders and hips are protesting. To add to this, the credit union we joined now claims that our debit cards are actually just ATM cards and can only access our savings account; we can’t use them at stores. This is basically telling us that we can’t access our money, which is not acceptable. Tomorrow we’re switching banks; neither of us could deal with it today.

We had further money issues because my PayPal card has a withdrawal limit of roughly half our rent amount, so we have to use the card to pay online, which has a $30 surcharge for the “convenience” of using a card.

Ben left his backpack either at school or on the bus, we’re not sure which. I made an appointment for him with the podiatrist, as he’s pigeon-toed and knock-kneed, but the only time they had was Wednesday, so I had to reschedule helping my best friend pack for their move.

It’s looking like a fairly busy week: tomorrow Ben has a dentist appointment, Wednesday is the previously-mentioned podiatrist, Thursday I help my best friend pack, Friday we have gaming night. Saturday we have a birthday party and then I help another friend pack and run a garage sale, which also takes care of my Sunday. So if I don’t post anything gaming-related, that’s why.

However, I am working on several characters for the one-shot Pathfinder group I joined on I’ve gotten as far as names, races, and classes, and I’ll have Mar double-check what I’m doing with stats after Ben goes to bed. I also plan to play some more Fallout 3, of course.

That’s basically what’s going on with me lately. Oh, and I got a flash drive to put the Pathfinder pdf’s on. I’m really going for redundancy there; I’ve got it on the drive, on my computer, and on my Google Drive. Initially my plan was to get a tablet so I could check out the rulebook while I was on Roll20, but money is tighter than we thought it would be. I was going to use the Chromebook, but unless the update that just installed made it run faster than molasses, that’s not going to work. And I don’t think I can reasonably access it on my phone; even if it would load fast enough, the text would be too small, and enlarging it would result in me having to scroll both horizontally and vertically and make it more trouble than it’s worth. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them, because I’m out of ideas.


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