Another lovely day. [spoilers for Dream]

As long as I’m inside, looking out the window, it’s lovely. We got several inches of snow last night, and it’s still cold. I want last week’s weather back!

To Sleep – Perchance To Dream: I played some of this mod last night. It’s… odd. Well put-together, but the storyline is definitely strange. I did like the story of HARRY, though; the concept of a Mr. Handy becoming sentient and having feelings is interesting, and it was very sweet that he learned to laugh (sort of). He was so happy when he realized he wasn’t going to be sent back, and I loved the way he described things that he didn’t know the words for.

I’m being called away to work, so maybe another post later today. I have plans to write about running at some point, too.

Edit: Mar is watching a video about video game tat (random crap, for Americans), and Ashens got the Japanese version of the pre-order stuff for Dark Souls 2. It’s gorgeous, die-cast versions of some of the in-game weapons and shields, and Mar literally fell to his knees when he saw it.


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