To Sleep – Perchance To Dream [spoilers]

I played through most of the dream sequences yesterday, and I have to say that while they’re creative, I got really frustrated with them. They didn’t seem to have much logic, though looking back I can see the logic in them. The author, Puce Moose, did say that he wanted to convey a sense of vulnerability, and that definitely came through, which might be part of why I didn’t care for what I’ve done so far. It’s a well-made mod, though, and definitely different. I did like the snowman part, and the pool table part made sense.

Part of the problem is that the notes are somewhat difficult to find, and without the notes, nothing makes sense. And for the record, I HATE jump puzzles. These weren’t terribly difficult, but they were there. I probably fell eight or ten times in the ruined hotel, several of those down to the deathclaw level.

I’m going to go finish this mod and work on Heritage Home. I like the smaller quest mods, but the bigger ones really intrigue me. I can’t wait to see what Home is like.


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