Heritage Home and Dream – Final Thoughts [spoilers]

Heritage Home Part 1: I finished it! This mod is definitely challenging, but it’s also really well-done. Some of the scenery is AWESOME, like the cavern, which made me literally gasp, then tell my husband about it.  The flamingos are red herrings (or maybe pink herrings?), sort of. At the very least, they’re the brightly-colored bits that aren’t the main story quest, but I get the feeling they lead somewhere. I still haven’t found them all, so some people would say I haven’t finished it, but I got to the end of the story quest, so I count it as finished. I need to re-find the mix tapes I’d found, since I had to uninstall all my mods to figure out what was messing up the textures in another mod.

Overall, though, I’d definitely recommend this mod for anyone interested in a good story, good scenery, and challenging puzzles. The author, RaffTheSweetling, is very helpful if you get stuck. He gives good hints, rather than outright telling you where to go, which I like. Get this mod.

To Sleep – Perchance To DreamI finished this one, and it’s got its own logic, but I got the hang of it eventually. It was a good story, and the scenery was pretty good, but it took me so long to figure out how the puzzles work that I didn’t care for it as much as I did the other mods that Puce Moose did. He will help out with hints if you get stuck, though. Overall, it’s not bad, just confusing at first.

(Note: I started this post last night, then got distracted, and I woke up this morning sick. So for anyone who was looking forward to it, that’s why it’s late.)


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