Personal Stuff

This has been a challenging month. It started out with this on the 5th:

A creative and beautiful design... drawn on the walls and ceiling in marker.

That afternoon, we went to what turned out to be a wedding. They kept it a secret so people wouldn’t feel the need to dress up, etc. It was pretty fun, and the bride was beautiful. I was pretty worn out, though, so we left fairly early.

On the 10th I ran 2.25 miles, a personal best, and hung out with friends, and started this blog. Still proud of that personal best.

This week has been exhausting, though. Tuesday morning, I found out that Ben had been stealing candy and eating it after bedtime because he woke up with a Laffy Taffy stuck in his hair. So that explains some of why he has a zillion cavities. I got it out with the “mom” trick of rubbing it with oil, then combing through to get it out, but it was not fun for either of us. As a result, he’s not allowed to have any candy for the foreseeable future.

Now, some backstory: I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or EDS. It’s a genetic connective tissue disorder, where one type of the collagen my body makes isn’t right, resulting in some very weird symptoms, like stretchy ligaments resulting in unstable joints, unusual sensitivity to temperature extremes, and anesthetics not working well. I have had my dentist inject the highest legally-allowed amount of Novocaine in my gums and I STILL felt it when he tried to pull that tooth. (I ended up going to an oral surgeon for that one.)

Tuesday Ben went to the dentist for fillings. He had the topical anesthetic, but we’re pretty sure (as is his pediatrician) that he has EDS as well. So he felt it when the dentist tried to inject the Novocaine, and he freaked right the hell out. I don’t blame him, but I must have left my brain at home that day because I forgot that I have a tendency to get lightheaded when Ben’s in pain. To the dentist’s credit, as soon as Ben started trying to escape, he backed off and gave us a referral to a pediatric dentist. I’m pretty sure Ben didn’t notice that I wasn’t doing well, so yay me… he didn’t need something else to stress out about.

Wednesday he went to the podiatrist. It kind of took forever, but the doctor was really nice and was actually about to suggest that Ben has EDS, because he’s really stretchy. I was kind of amazed, because EDS is kind of rare, and we’ve found three doctors who know what it is: the podiatrist, Ben’s pediatrician, and my doctor. The podiatrist gave us scripts for orthotic inserts for Ben’s shoes and physical therapy.

Today I was supposed to go help my best friend pack because her family is moving, but I wasn’t feeling well and I missed the train to get there. I spent the day sleeping.

Tomorrow we go to get the inserts fitted, and then we’ll have to go back to pick them up at some point. After that, tabletop RPing! Saturday we have a birthday party, Sunday is Easter, which should be interesting given Ben’s candy ban, and Monday we go to the pediatric dentist. Tuesday I’m going to my best friend’s to help her pack since I didn’t go today. Wednesday Ben starts physical therapy, which is supposed to be three times a week for… six weeks, I think? The prescription is out in the car or I’d check. Thursday hasn’t been claimed yet but might be the pediatric dentist again; they said we’d probably have to go twice to get all the fillings done. Friday is probably going to involve physical therapy and possibly either more RP or fencing, depending on the weather, and Saturday is the big moving day for my best friend and her family.

Of course, that also doesn’t include school for Ben, me getting my financial aid straightened out and maybe signing up for some summer classes and definitely fall classes, and however many boxes of custom swords we get for work that have to go out, not to mention the stock swords that have to go out as well.

But then there’s things like this that make me smile:

Ben's feet sticking out of a box.

Ben's top half sticking out of a box. He's smiling.

Bring it on.


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