Running and Other Stuff

I went running today. I didn’t get quite as much distance as last time, but it was still over 2 miles. I’m happy with the run, though, because a. I did that even though I forgot to bring water, b. I managed even though my right hip was bothering me, and c. I ran for a full 8 minutes at the end. I wish that I’d been able to keep up with the training as it was meant to be done, every other day or so, but life intervenes, so I just keep going the best I can. I think I’ll still be ready for the Color Run in June regardless.

Mar went with me, but he managed about 2 miles, maybe a little less, because he ate breakfast before we went. Plus he ran fast. He could have walked and kept up with me running. (Yes, I have that slow of a pace. No, I’m not embarrassed. I’m out there doing it, which is better than not.)

Ben didn’t do so well behavior-wise in school today, but it seems like he’s not the only one. We got a letter from the teacher saying that so many kids are talking instead of listening when she’s trying to teach that anyone getting yellow or red is going to have to write sentences. (They have a behavior system based on stop lights. Green = good, yellow = trouble, red = not behaving. There’s also purple, which is above green, and means that the kiddo went above and beyond that day. He’s gotten more than a few of those.) I suspect spring has something to do with the behavior issues, though!

It looks like the rest of day will be experienced in 15 minute chunks as I do laundry. After some cookies and milk, though.


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