The Librarian and Nightmare Realm (also Mothership Zeta Crew) [spoilers]

I played through two fairly short but very well-done mods this evening (and didn’t get nearly as much laundry done as I wanted to… oops?). I’m working on a third, but it seems to be stuck, so I’m trying to figure out how to fix it.

The Librarian is an enjoyable story that takes you literally off the map; it’s waaaay down in the lower right-hand corner of the world map, and during the bulk of the story, you’re not even on Earth. It starts off typically enough, with a man wanting his daughter back after she ran off, but then things get interesting when you go to a new location and realize it’s aliens shooting at you. Turns out the daughter has been infected with an alien virus, and if you don’t get the cure, she can’t come back to Earth. I think it’s implied that the virus turns people into Deathclaws, but I could be interpreting that wrong. Anyway, you go to a space station, then to the Pleiades system, to get the antidote, and you end up with a new follower.

There’s also a plugin for the mod to make the East River Market more populated, and I knew I was going to download it when the author described it this way: “The aim of this plugin is to change the East River Market into an all out bazaar. Something between the London Underground of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, and the marketplace from Hellboy II is the tone I am going for, perhaps with varying levels of subtlety (and success).” He had me at Neverwhere, one of my favorite books. It really is quite a nice plugin, and there are several more that I plan to try out once I can get this other thing sorted.

I also played through most of Nightmare Realm, although I apparently missed a whole bunch at the beginning… well, sort of the beginning. It starts out in kind of the middle of nowhere, with some remaining Chinese soldiers, and then you get captured by a Mad Scientist (he has no other name, but really, that’s what he is) and he experiments on you. The parts I missed were when he first gasses you, with the help of his very own Igor, and you “wake up” on a deserted island, in the dark, in a rainstorm. Apparently you’re supposed to search the island very thoroughly, which seems like kind of an unfair supposition, since you’re only armed after you head toward the house. But anyway, there’s a whole bunch of content I missed, including something to do with the TARDIS, so I’ll probably uninstall, then reinstall so I can play that part. The rest of it lived up to its name fairly well; there were the requisite ghosts, which I figured out are more easily taken care of if you just punch them than use any kind of weapon, random creepy noises, two serial killers, hallucinations, a brain in a jar, and a Deathclaw. Eventually you get to kill the Mad Scientist, as well. The whole thing was very atmospheric and very well-done.

Right now I’m working on Mothership Zeta Crew, or MZC, since that’s easier to type. I got as far as the big teleporter changing my gender, and now it’s supposed to operate again and change me back, but I can’t get it to operate, so I’m currently stuck being male… [EDIT] User error again. I didn’t notice that I had to activate the teleporter. To be fair, I didn’t have to activate it the first time, so I didn’t think I had to activate it the second time.

Oh, and side note: If a package comes to you and it was obviously misaddressed, since it has your neighbor’s name on it? DON’T KEEP IT. Don’t open it, either. Ugh, some people are jackasses.


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