Mod impressions in Fallout: New Vegas

Yes, mods for a game that’s not Fallout 3! I’ll be going back to discuss the current mod I’m playing in F3, but I wanted to talk about mods for F:NV.

First of all, I love mods. They make games new again, at least for me. That said, I will always play through a new game first without mods, unless it’s something like DSfix for Dark Souls, something that fixes something broken in the game. But since I usually get games months to years after they’re released, my games don’t usually start out broken. (I think I have a fairly flexible definition of “broken”, though.) Anyway, my point is, I love mods for replays, especially when they’re done well and really add to the game.

I want to talk here about two mods in particular: NVInteriors and Tales from the Burning Sands. NVInteriors adds interiors to buildings that were boarded up or looked like they should have been accessible but weren’t. It’s actually a fairly large project, with multiple people contributing, and the files I got have 24 new explorable buildings, plus a “find all the things” quest that’s kind of cute. It’s really awesome to wander around and find something that wasn’t there before.

Tales from the Burning Sands, however… well. Puce Moose has relocated from D.C. to the Mojave, and he brought his unique brand of quest mod with him! Seriously, this is a really good mod. The story for the first chapter really touched my heart, and the second chapter looks like it’s going to be nice and creepy. Gene-spliced animals, anyone? Plus there are quite a few “find the things” bits thrown in for fun.

On a personal note, as soon as Mar gets paid, I’m getting antibiotics for this sinus infection. UGH.


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