The State of the Infection (Personal, mostly)

I have antibiotics, yay!! Especially since my sinus infection has been getting worse, according to the deepening shade of yellow when I blow my nose. I plan to sleep most of the day tomorrow to try to kick this thing, but we’ll see if I can. It depends on the temperature and whether or not I can breathe.

I played through most of Burning Sands today, and it’s great. I even took notes so I could remember everything I want to discuss. Hopefully I’ll finish it up tomorrow so I can write about it. I’d like to get the Fallout 3 mod I’m playing through done tomorrow, too, but I think a dialogue trigger didn’t get tripped, so I’m waiting to hear back about that before I write about that one. I added some more FNV mods today, too, so I’ll comment on those as well.

And now, it is bedtime.


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