Personal Stuff and a partial Mod Review [spoilers]

I’m feeling better, after two days of Augmentin. I didn’t even have to take any DayQuil today, and I can breathe! Now if I could just remember to take the stupid horse pill on time…

We had a bit of a windfall and I’m getting my Mother’s Day present early: a tablet with a keyboard and case. Yay! Now I can read my ebooks without squinting or having to turn the page every other second. (Yes, I really do read that fast. Yes, my eyes really are that bad.)

Ben is getting an adult tooth! Unfortunately, it’s coming in behind his baby teeth on the bottom, and he hasn’t lost any teeth yet, either. I have to admit it’s kind of freaking me out, because teeth freak me out in general. I wasn’t prepared last night when he came to me and asked, “What’s this thing behind my teeth?” and there was a couple millimeters of tooth sticking out! He has a dentist appointment next week, though, so we’ll talk to them about it. Ugh, though, the thought of it makes me shiver.

I’ve been playing Tales from the Burning Sands, and I think I’ve pretty much reached the end of the storyline. It is EXCELLENT, and involving, and HUGE. Tiger Manufacturing makes another appearance, although I’m not sure I’ll ever end up getting the second weapon, since I can only get it if I beat a text-based RPG, and so far, I’m not doing well at all.

The story, especially the first chapter, is really heartwrenching. On the technical side, Puce Moose has kept up his usual high standard of technical expertise, as well. And if you get stuck, he’s helpful and patient, although I can’t imagine how many times he’s answered the same question. At least in my case, though, it was just a matter of me not looking in the right places.

As a bonus, there are certain items to collect, and when you get all the Easter corn, you get to go into the Easter room! I haven’t managed it yet, although there was a very nice person on the forums who gave a list of cryptic clues that helped immensely. There are two that I can’t figure out, and then the one for the aforementioned text-based RPG, as well.

Overall, highly recommended.


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