Please, follow this link, read this story.

The following is not my story. But it needs to be heard. It might make you cry, or it might make you angry. It’s important, though.

“Please go to to donate, or click on the link at the bottom.

I’m going to tell you a story that just might make you cry. It’s made me cry many times. In fact I couldn’t stop crying just now as I proof read it.

It will also make you laugh, smile, and cheer.

It will almost certainly make you thankful.

I pray that you will keep reading.

I pray that when the story is finished that you will have been changed.
I pray that you will have knowledge and perspective that you will share with others.
I pray that you will act on that knowledge to prevent this story from happening to anyone else.

I’ve never told her story to an audience in this manner. As a nurse, and child-abuse prevention advocate, I’ve presented her “case” in a clinical way as a teaching tool, but I’ve never really just told her story.

Let’s begin.

Once Upon a Time,
A beautiful baby girl was born. They named her Michelle which means “Near to the heart of God.”
She arrived in this world, unplanned, and mostly unwanted.” Read the rest at


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