Teeth freak me out. And some project info.

Teeth freak me out. I was traumatized at a fairly young age by a dentist who was cutting the tendon behind my top lip (lip tie, I think it’s called?) because nobody knew I had EDS, which makes anasthetics not work so well. He was cutting and I was crying and backing up OVER the chair, and he told me, “Oh, this doesn’t hurt.” EXCUSE me? How about I do this to you without anasthetic, hmm? But nobody ever believed me, and I’ve had some real stinkers in the dental department. I did have one amazingly awesome dentist, but he’s the next county over, unfortunately. He kept injecting novocaine and waiting for it to kick in, up to the legal limit, and when I could still feel him grabbing the tooth and wiggling a little, he backed off and sent me to the oral surgeon. I get to be asleep when they pull my teeth? SIGN ME UP. (It was twilight sedation, but close enough for my purposes.)

Anyway, I mention this because Ben’s at the age where he’s getting his first fillings soon. It wouldn’t even be an issue if he hadn’t been stealing candy and eating it after bedtime, thus negating the point of brushing his teeth. We’ve been cracking down on the brushing, and he’s not allowed any candy for a while. The other night, he was brushing and asked me, “Mom, what’s this here in my mouth?” I looked behind his bottom front teeth… and there’s a little nubbin of an adult tooth.

He has not lost any of his baby teeth.

I tried not to, but I kind of freaked out. I’m assuming for something like this, he’ll have the tooth pulled, but I don’t know how they’ll go about moving the new tooth into the right place. And I want to be there for him, but I almost passed out when he could feel the novocaine needle and HE freaked out. (I don’t think he noticed that time.) If anyone has any insight on this sort of situation, please let me know what to expect. I don’t do well when I’m blindsided with stuff like this.

In other news, I got some gameplay footage, and as soon as I figure out how to do all the technical stuff, like voiceovers and processing and whatnot, I’m going to upload it to YouTube, and probably repost to here as well. Here’s my channel, in case anyone wants to subscribe.

I also got more materials for a new project (I know, I haven’t finished the Cap shield; I’m having some issues with the red paint, plus I can’t do the paint if the weather doesn’t cooperate, which it hasn’t been). I’ll probably post pictures and stuff soon, before I break out the spray paint for both projects, but I’m starting the process to make lightsaber hilts. Not sure how they’ll turn out, but I never am with this kind of thing. Finding out is half the fun of the process, after all.


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