The Dark Side of Mother’s Day.

I hope everyone had a good day. I know for some of you, this can be a painful day; for some, it’s a reminder of the mother you miss, while for others it’s a reminder of what you never had. For some, it’s also a reminder of what they can’t have, that they’ll never be mothers. My heart goes out to all of you hurting on this Mother’s Day. Nobody talks about that, though. It’s all “mothers are the best, you should be thankful and tell her what a great job she’s doing and how much you appreciate her!”

But what if she’s not the beat, not doing a great or even mediocre job? Should you still be grateful? Or what if you want so badly to be a mother, so much that it’s a physical ache, but you just can’t for whatever reason? This is the dark side of Mother’s Day, the side nobody talks about.

For some, this day is a reminder that their beloved mother is no longer with them. I know that at least one of my friends is still mourning her mother’s passing, so today is probably very difficult for her. I imagine it’s even worse if a person had a complicated relationship with their mother; today can dredge up a myriad of emotions, including guilt, anger, shame, and frustration, even if one’s mother hasn’t passed.

Many people have extremely complicated relationships with their mothers. While it’s nice that there’s a day set aside to appreciate the hard work that mothers do, it’s also a painful day for many. I think acknowledging that is important. A dark side only festers if it is not exposed to the light.


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