I’m tired.

I’m not sure why I’m so tired, except that there is a lot going on at home. Ben got sent home from school yesterday because he wasn’t controlling himself, so we picked him up and ran errands. We took him to the running store, and he was awful,arguing over everything and wandering around and touching everything. We didn’t end up spending $70 on shoes, because that’s ridiculous for kids’ shoes. For adult running shoes, it’s a little different, because they’re going to be used correctly and the runner won’t outgrow them.

We got bedding for Alex, who will be here a week from Thursday, if all goes well. That was a good thing, especially since it wasn’t too expensive. It’s purple, but the choice was between that and pink. I think he’ll be happy that we also got some laser tag kits on clearance.

When we got home from all of our running around, I noticed that my left ear felt weird, inside my head. It’s still feeling weird, dry and painful, but less so now that I’ve drunk half a gallon of iced tea. I’m hoping it’s just allergies and it’ll go away, because I didn’t sleep well with the pain.

Nothing profound going on here, just life. The weather’s been nice, but temperatures have bounced around over a 40 degree range, so my joints are unhappy and letting me know it.


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