The Color Run! And Scrump is back!!

We did The Color Run today. It’s a 5k where they splatter the participants with color, and it’s really fun! The color is dyed corn starch, so I had to wrap my phone in  plastic so it wouldn’t get corn starch in it, and the following pictures are a little blurry because of that.

This was us at the beginning:


And this was us after:


I still have a green tinge. Ben was very very blue, and Alex is also blue even though he didn’t run. He wanted to, but he didn’t sign up in time, but he volunteered and got all the stuff we got (minus the bib) plus two extra shirts. We all had a lot of fun, and everyone agreed that we’re doing it again next year!

According to my FitBit, I walked/ran 7.25 miles before we got home, and I am exhausted. But I’m happy to report that Scrumpy, who’d been missing since Tuesday, is home as of last night. He’s thinner, and limping a bit, but he’s doing ok. He was hiding under a neighbor’s deck, and he spent most of last night sleeping. Sounds good to me right about now!!

ETA: More pictures!



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