Still alive!

Just having a weird combination of busy, but not doing much of interest. I am a week late in posting anything about the zoo, though. Here’s some pictures!

A seal swimming upside down.
This seal was playing with her food.

All the seals and/or sea lions. I’m not sure which was which.
A fisher cat. Keon is about this size.

Sleepy clouded leopard. Love the tail.
Another sleeping clouded leopard.
Sleeping lions. It was pretty warm that day, so all the big cats were sleeping.
Ben at the wolf den educational area.
The bears were sleeping too.
Polar bear. I’m not sure why he was giving us that look, though.
Another bear giving us a look.
Ben and Alex, compared to a grizzly. I think Alex wasn’t standing up straight, because he’s definitely taller than that.
Pygmy hippo.
Ben on a lion!
A peacock on the butterfly made of flowers.
More of the peacock.
One more of the peacock. We were hoping he’d fan his tail, but he never did. Also, I have no idea why his neck looks so weird in this picture.
My guys. 🙂
Another one of my guys.
All of us!
Look at the sky. This is why nobody wants to live in Gary.
And one of Ben at the beach on Monday.

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