Monthly Archives: July 2014

Almost all packed…

We’re heading to New York City in the morning. Very very EARLY in the morning, in fact. The suitcases are almost all packed, just waiting on a few things to dry, Mar is cleaning out the car, the boys are playing video games so they don’t make a mess, the neighbor has a key to feed the cats, and I am very tired of laundry. Six loads today, although with my tiny washing machine, that’s about 30 pieces of clothing, and probably four or more loads yesterday, and everything has to air-dry because I don’t have a dryer. We have clothes EVERYWHERE. Or we did, until some of them dried enough to fold and pack.

Ben will be wearing his jammies so we can just carry him to the car and hopefully he’ll sleep for a while. Probably Alex will wear his jammies, too, and I plan to as well. I don’t know what Mar’s planning.

Anyway, we’re almost on the road. Woohoo!

Oh, and Ben never finished his scavenger hunt, so I’ll post the pictures he did take later on.


Somewhat better, and an indoor scavenger hunt.

I figured out some of my tech issues, and I’ve decided that I really like If This, Then That. It’s an app that is kind of like a very simple flowchart, for those who remember flowcharts. You specify a condition, and when that condition is met, an action happens. I have one set up to sent me a notification on my phone when the pollen count is high (thanks, allergies), and there’s a bunch of gadgets it integrates with as well as other apps, as well as doing things like muting my ringer at bedtime (a set time, not that I’m historically very good at going to bed at a set time).

It’s fairly hot out, and the UV index is at 9 (thank you, IFTTT!), plus Ben’s friends couldn’t play, so I made up a photo scavenger hunt for him. He has a list of colors, and he has to take pictures of things in the house that are those colors. He loves to take pictures with my old phone, an HTC Evo3D, so I figured why not give him something to do? If he ever finishes, I’ll post the pictures, even though I know one of them is not my best photo ever.

Maybe there’s something to Mercury Retrograde after all.

There have been massive storms here lately, including a tornado warning last night. As far as I know, it didn’t hit anywhere near us, but it was pretty weird and a little scary. We did lose power for a little bit, but not long at all.

Because of this, and because I thought walking to the library yesterday afternoon was a great idea, I am not doing so great today. The joints in my hands and feet, and my hips, are all very achy.

I’m also having technology issues: I swear I’m using the same one as always, but Windows won’t recognize my password, FitBit says they sent the password reset email but it’s not in my inbox, and gods help me if I can figure out how to get the password for Saga. And now If This, Then That says it can’t sign me in!!

I got a Stephen King book that I haven’t read at the library, 11/22/63. So far it’s really good. I think I’m going to go curl up with my non-technology book and my electronics can go conspire against me in a corner somewhere.