I’m ChimeraCat, aka Kitrona, depending on where you’ve found me. I’m a fan of:

  • The Fallout series
  • The Dark Tower series
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Animal Crossing
  • Zombies, Run!
  • Firefly
  • RPGs, both video games and tabletop
  • Doctor Who and Torchwood
  • My Little Ponies
  • Avengers
  • Welcome To Night Vale
  • (more to come as I remember!)

I like cats, obviously. I have two, along with a young son and a husband. I like to go running, which is still weird to me, and I like video games and reading. I am fond of e-cigs (the good ones, not the ones that look like cigarettes) and the scent oils of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I also have lots of thoughts about lots of things, so this is where I put them.

“An amalgamation of randomness.”

I’m crazy, not stupid.


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