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My Somewhat Busy Day

We haven’t been able to drive because of car issues. This has been going on for over a week, and I have been depressed because I feel trapped in the house. I also haven’t been able to go Ingressing, which I find really fun.

I did get to Ingress a little today, because we had to take Alex up to Chicago to get him on the train. I think I’ll miss him more than I think I will, if that makes any sense. Next time he comes up, though, we don’t have to jump through the hoops of him being an Unaccompanied Minor, because that cuts off at 16. Which, eek, he’s going to be 16!!

I did get him to agree to play Pathfinder with us on Saturdays. As well he should… his dice were on FIRE Tuesday night! (Not literally, though.) He rolled 3 natural 20s in a row! We play on, which works out well with everyone scattered like they are; we have two additional players, Cohesion and Demoman_Chaos, who don’t even live in the state, so Roll20 works beautifully. Everyone can see the map, it’s got built-in virtual dice, and we can communicate with webcams and mics like on Skype.

We met my dad for lunch, which was nice, since I haven’t seen him in months. Ben was very well-behaved, and even my dad noticed and commented. After that, we decided to stop at the chocolate factory that Mar used to work at and get some of their very good chocolate. The scent of cocoa is so thick in the air there that I was having trouble breathing! Then we came home and did some work. Alex just called and he got back ok, and I’m calling him tomorrow to help him with his character sheet, since we leveled up and the sheet wasn’t filled out correctly to begin with. Which reminds me that I need to do Ben’s, now that I have a website that calculates stats automatically for me.

We also signed up for the Indianapolis Anomaly, which is an Ingress event coming up next weekend. I really hope we get to go, because it will be a lot of fun! Plus it’d be nice if the Resistance actually was close to the Enlightened’s score. πŸ˜›

So that’s my boring day. πŸ™‚


Somewhat better, and an indoor scavenger hunt.

I figured out some of my tech issues, and I’ve decided that I really like If This, Then That. It’s an app that is kind of like a very simple flowchart, for those who remember flowcharts. You specify a condition, and when that condition is met, an action happens. I have one set up to sent me a notification on my phone when the pollen count is high (thanks, allergies), and there’s a bunch of gadgets it integrates with as well as other apps, as well as doing things like muting my ringer at bedtime (a set time, not that I’m historically very good at going to bed at a set time).

It’s fairly hot out, and the UV index is at 9 (thank you, IFTTT!), plus Ben’s friends couldn’t play, so I made up a photo scavenger hunt for him. He has a list of colors, and he has to take pictures of things in the house that are those colors. He loves to take pictures with my old phone, an HTC Evo3D, so I figured why not give him something to do? If he ever finishes, I’ll post the pictures, even though I know one of them is not my best photo ever.

PipBoy Phone Theme (including link)


This is my current homescreen. I can’t take credit for anything except being able to follow the excellent directions provided by Turner Davis. I also used his files to create my headers, and I need to figure out how to credit him for that.

Speaking of phones, I have an HTC One in blue. I love it. My husband has the same phone in black, and it’s worked out great for both of us. If anyone is considering getting one and has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge. These are not the newest Ones, though; we got them in December. I’m happy with HTC in general, though. I’m kind of tough on my stuff, especially something that I use and carry as much as my phone, and I’ve never had an HTC break. I gave my son, who is harder on electronics than I am, my old HTC to play games on when I upgraded, and although he’s managed to lose it in the house a couple of times (something he gets from me… I haven’t seen my keys since Saturday, I think, but I know they’re in the house), he hasn’t broken even the screen. Quality stuff.

Thoughts on Zombies, Run! 5k [Spoilers]

I just finished Week 3 Day 2 of the Zombies, Run! 5k trainer. The workouts to train for a 5k are, by and large, pretty similar, so there’s not much to comment on there. The story is what keeps me going. My style of running is basically “start off at a decent pace, turn off brain, adjust as necessary”, but I still need something for my brain to do because itΒ won’t shut up. So having a story helps.

So far I’ve found out that Rajit wrote a novel that he wants someone to read, things have gone missing from Francesca’s kitchen, and Sam, the Runner contact, had a thing going with the previous Runner 5. Today, though, I wanted so badly to actually be able to get back to base so I could punch Runner 10 in the nose. That thought actually helped keep me going for a bit. He staked a chained zombie out in the training area, and we discovered that knee lifts enrage zombies. Which meant she was getting enraged while I was theoretically within biting distance… even more so when she actually managed to pull the stake out of the ground and start chasing me!

It really is kind of fun to let my imagination out to play. And I got a new personal best, so that’s pretty awesome. I guess this stuff is working! I need to remember to plot out some longer routes before my next run.