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Teeth freak me out. And some project info.

Teeth freak me out. I was traumatized at a fairly young age by a dentist who was cutting the tendon behind my top lip (lip tie, I think it’s called?) because nobody knew I had EDS, which makes anasthetics not work so well. He was cutting and I was crying and backing up OVER the chair, and he told me, “Oh, this doesn’t hurt.” EXCUSE me? How about I do this to you without anasthetic, hmm? But nobody ever believed me, and I’ve had some real stinkers in the dental department. I did have one amazingly awesome dentist, but he’s the next county over, unfortunately. He kept injecting novocaine and waiting for it to kick in, up to the legal limit, and when I could still feel him grabbing the tooth and wiggling a little, he backed off and sent me to the oral surgeon. I get to be asleep when they pull my teeth? SIGN ME UP. (It was twilight sedation, but close enough for my purposes.)

Anyway, I mention this because Ben’s at the age where he’s getting his first fillings soon. It wouldn’t even be an issue if he hadn’t been stealing candy and eating it after bedtime, thus negating the point of brushing his teeth. We’ve been cracking down on the brushing, and he’s not allowed any candy for a while. The other night, he was brushing and asked me, “Mom, what’s this here in my mouth?” I looked behind his bottom front teeth… and there’s a little nubbin of an adult tooth.

He has not lost any of his baby teeth.

I tried not to, but I kind of freaked out. I’m assuming for something like this, he’ll have the tooth pulled, but I don’t know how they’ll go about moving the new tooth into the right place. And I want to be there for him, but I almost passed out when he could feel the novocaine needle and HE freaked out. (I don’t think he noticed that time.) If anyone has any insight on this sort of situation, please let me know what to expect. I don’t do well when I’m blindsided with stuff like this.

In other news, I got some gameplay footage, and as soon as I figure out how to do all the technical stuff, like voiceovers and processing and whatnot, I’m going to upload it to YouTube, and probably repost to here as well. Here’s my channel, in case anyone wants to subscribe.

I also got more materials for a new project (I know, I haven’t finished the Cap shield; I’m having some issues with the red paint, plus I can’t do the paint if the weather doesn’t cooperate, which it hasn’t been). I’ll probably post pictures and stuff soon, before I break out the spray paint for both projects, but I’m starting the process to make lightsaber hilts. Not sure how they’ll turn out, but I never am with this kind of thing. Finding out is half the fun of the process, after all.


Our Easter and Star Wars Stuff

We didn’t do much for Easter. We don’t really celebrate, and Ben isn’t allowed to have candy, so he got a bag full of stuff like bubbles, chalk, a new water bottle, new markers, and a calculator. We mostly hung out, and we watched the first two Star Wars (Original Trilogy).

Ben was quite taken with them. We finished the third one tonight, and as soon as we dig out the prequels, we’ll watch those with him. It’s funny to think that if Star Wars hadn’t existed, neither would Ben.

We’ll probably be building him a lightsaber hilt soonish, and maybe replacements for ourselves. We had hilts for a while, but they got lost in one of our moves. So I guess it’s time to start brainstorming design ideas and compiling parts lists. I used to be pretty good at rotoscoping, too, so we might have some interesting pictures at some point if I can get Photoshop back. I recently got a new computer with Win8.1, so I don’t know what programs work and work well. I’ll have to do some research.

Progress! And pictures! Now with added non-Fallout content!

Good afternoon, Wastelanders! I am using my spiffy computer table in comfort today! It’s actually an over-bed table, similar to the ones they have in the hospital, and when I got it, I thought it would be great to use as a computer table because it would mostly fit under the couch. Unfortunately, our couch is about an inch too low to accommodate the base, but I had A PLAN. Today that plan finally got put into action: Ben helped me put the 2x4s, cut to the right length, under the couch legs, and it works beautifully! This also means that Mar won’t stub his toes on the base so often, which is definitely a selling point.

An update on An Evening With Mister Manchester: I got the textures to work!! I was getting very frustrated, because without those textures, I couldn’t move on in the mod, so I finally just uninstalled all my other mods. It worked, as I hoped it would. I might experiment to find out which mod was causing the conflict, and I’ll probably let the author of whatever mod it is know about it, as well as posting in the thread on Manchester. There’s just so many good mods out there that I tend to go overboard wanting to try everything that sounds interesting, but I may have to just do two or three at a time, then swap those out when I finish the story in each one.

Current project progress:

An original Captain America shield in the middle stages of being repainted.

I got the red paint taped, and I’m slowly working on getting the excess red paint off. I taped the part I want to keep because it’s really tricky trying to use sandpaper in an arc without accidentally sanding the good parts. I think this part is going to be one of the slowest, because some of the paint is on the surface, but some of it seems to have dyed the plastic. I’m thinking of maybe adding some plastic filler when I’m done and then painting it, but that might just be more trouble than it’s worth. Alternately, I might just paint the white part after I at least get the lumpier bits of red paint taken off.

Finished project:

Iron Man's helmet as a mask

I just wanted to show off something I actually finished. I just used a gold Sharpie to fix the paint that was scratched off, because Ben is 6 and not very careful with his stuff. But the parts I fixed looked better than the original, so I ended up coloring over all the gold paint. I think it looks pretty good: battle scarred but not beaten. I want to get a silver Sharpie and redo the silver bits on the side (they’re not visible in this picture), because they weren’t particularly well-painted to begin with. Still, I have no problem with Ben wearing this in public, so I count that as a win.

Other random geekery: I finally got my haircolor to where I want it, yay!

Vampire Red hair

That’s Manic Panic’s Vampire Red. I thought it would be darker this time, since I left it on overnight, but it is darker than it was on previous application, when I just left it on for a couple of hours. I may have to accept the sad fact that my hair is just not as absorbent of color as it used to be, or at least not as absorbent of reds. I’d get a shot in the sunlight, but a. it’s cloudy out, although the temperature is AWESOME, and b. I’m lazy. (Side note, that thing by my mouth is a scab; I have a terrible habit of picking at things, and that’s the result. I did not get clocked in the mouth.)

I love these lazy weekends, when everyone stays in their jammies and just hangs out, reading or playing games or watching videos or whatever. Ben’s working on Lego Marvel Superheroes. Well, I say “working on”, but he’s really just running around Marvel’s New York and messing around with stuff; he’s thrilled that the characters can ride the subway. It should be entertaining to see his reaction when he actually rides the New York subway this summer. Oh, and I must mention the weather: It’s SEVENTY-TWO DEGREES. I have the windows partially open, and I’m wearing SHORTS. This is perfect weather.

Random thing I’m happy about: I got my swimsuit! I had ordered it online, which made me a little nervous, but the website had really good fitting information, so I decided to give it a shot. After all, if it didn’t fit, I could return or exchange it. I finally got it on Thursday, and it fits wonderfully! Another plus is that it’s a tankini, so I don’t have to take the whole thing off when I go to the bathroom, but the best part is that it looks like a tank top and skirt/shorts combo! It’s really cute, and really comfortable, and it looks like something I would wear as an actual outfit. Added bonus: it’s navy blue with purple trim, so when my haircolor bleeds getting out of the water, I don’t have to worry about it staining the suit.

Mar said that this blog was really Fallout-centric, so I’m trying to include more non-Fallout stuff. Speaking of which, has anyone played at I signed up, but I’ve yet to actually join any campaigns. I think that’s my social anxiety trying to take over my brain, though, because I just keep thinking, “What if the people I end up playing with are jerks, or mean, or [insert list of negative social traits]?” and my logical brain has only just piped up to remind me that I can close the window and never speak to any of them ever again if they’re any of those terrible things. So now I guess I just need to figure out what rulebooks I have and take the plunge. (Most of the rulebooks I have are pdf’s, thus the trying to figure out what I have.) I’d like to have a tablet for the pdf’s, but I suppose that’s not a deal-breaker. If anyone has any experience with the site, though, I’d love to hear about it.

Fallout 3 Mods: A Note Easily Missed and An Evening With Mister Manchester

A Note Easily Missed: I finished this one. Overall, it was a little rough in the technical aspects, although I can’t be sure how much was the mod and how much was the result of conflicts with other mods, but given that it was Puce Moose’s first mod, very nice. The puzzles made sense logically, and I liked the use of quizzes as a different type of mechanic to get keys.

An Evening With Mister Manchester: This is the second in Puce Moose’s series, and so far I’m very much enjoying it. It’s more polished as a final product. As before, the puzzles so far are logical and make sense to me, and the storyline is intriguing. I’m still having some issues with textures, but I uninstalled ANEM when I discovered that one of the locations overlaps, so hopefully that will resolve the texture issues. I might try uninstalling Manchester and reinstalling if that doesn’t work.

Bonus update on the Cap shield: I taped over the red today so I can sand off the extra paint where it seeped under the tape and get to the blue paint to sand it off. Whenever I get around to it, my next step will be to use the expensive stuff to tape off the star in the middle and paint the blue. It’s supposed to be nice out tomorrow, so I may sit outside and sand, then tape and paint.

Current Thoughts on Several Things, Including Gaming Mods [Spoilers]

Ok, not a great title, but I guess it works.

Current thoughts on Heritage Home Part 1: This is a great mod. It’s well put together, the puzzles are challenging, and it’s HUGE. Seriously, I think I might be halfway done and I’m sure I’ve spent 5 or 6 hours on it so far. I’ve had to ask for hints, and the author/creator has been exceedingly nice about giving hints that are actual hints without giving anything away. Usually I just haven’t searched whatever area I’m stuck on thoroughly enough. This is pretty common for me; I get so caught up in the story that I get impatient with puzzles. The cavern is AMAZING. I totally didn’t expect such a huge open space. That’s where I’m currently stuck. I do like the hints in notes, and the extra notes that add flavor are a really nice touch. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that the creator, who goes by RafftheSweetling, added atmospheric music, which is a subtle way to set the tone that seems like it would get overlooked most of the time. Overall, I’m very impressed with this mod and I’m determined to figure out how to get that door open! I could use console commands, but if I do that, I might as well just uninstall the whole thing, because it’s obvious Raff put a lot of time and effort into the puzzles, so bypassing them like that just feels wrong to me.

Current thoughts on A Note Easily Missed: This has a lot of potential to be very interesting. Unfortunately, though, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it. There’s a map texture missing, and that has the information for the next location to go. Other people have had this same problem, and the creator isn’t modding in Fallout 3 anymore. I messaged the creator anyway, so we’ll see what happens. Very frustrating; I liked what I was able to play.

Current thoughts on Old World Secrets: I finished it, yay! It was very interesting, and I liked the fact that the characters were morally ambiguous and not particularly likable, as it made the story more than just “I like this person so I want to help him or her out”. I found it rather amusing that the texture for the rocket had some issues, so I ended up seeing what looked like a giant spiderweb hanging on an invisible cylinder, but I have a weird sense of humor. Some of the dialog was stiff, but I think the creator said it was his first mod. Gotta start somewhere.

Current thoughts on Project Genesis: When I’m not beating my head against a wall in Heritage Home, I’ve been working on this one. Right now I’m trying to find the fuse (I think?) in the Gene-Tec lobby. I’ve looked at everything I can think of and come up with nothing so far. I’ll keep trying, but it’s frustrating that the creator put quest markers for other things, but not for a small object of uncertain appearance in a large, dim area.

Other mods installed that I haven’t worked on yet: Daisy’s Revenge, In the Shadow of the Swamp, Survivalist Bunker, An Evening With Mister Manchester. I plan to install To Sleep – Perchance To Dream after I finish Manchester.

Current project: Repainting B’s original Captain America shield. B is 6 and is very active, so his shield was looking very worn. I decided to repaint it with metallic paint (Rustoleum brand, in spray cans) and then seal it with Gorilla Tape. So far, I’ve gotten two coats of the red sprayed on, and I need to sand off the parts where the masking tape buckled and paint seeped onto the white. I may be lazy and skip the sanding for now so I can take advantage of the warmish, dryish day to get the blue sprayed on. I got better masking tape (or at least, I hope it’s better, it was definitely more expensive), so hopefully it won’t buckle like the cheap stuff did. I also need to retape for the red and figure out how to get the edges painted without dripping or sticking to the newspaper. I might try using a plastic dropcloth for that.

Future projects being considered: 1. Mentats container. I have an aluminum box that’s roughly the right shape and size. That should be pretty easy; all I need is a label and to age the container.

2. Fallout 3 weapon prop. Not sure which one, but I’ve got a bunch of Instructables I’m looking at. Or I might design my own. YOU NEVER KNOW.

3. Working PipBoy. More Instructables being perused. This would be so much easier if I had a 3D printer, but in the meantime, I might try something with craft foam. I have managed to plant the idea of a 3D printer in M’s head, so we’ll see what comes out of that.