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Personal stuff, probably boring. Now with links and icons!

A couple weeks ago I felt like utter crap, but I thought I’d kicked that cold, and that the congestion I’m currently experiencing was just allergies. The tree pollen is just insane. But when I blow my nose, it’s yellow, and nothing I do reduces the amount of congestion I have. It’s like someone poured wet concrete in my sinuses, even with allergy meds. It’s miserable. I’ve spent most of the day either poking at a Fallout 3 mod that isn’t working right, or reading the Dresden Files on my phone.

On the other hand, Mar is making dump cake (with many thanks to Heather for the recipe!), and we’re watching Loading Time, which is behind the scenes of making Loading Ready Run videos. I can pretty much say that their sketch comedy is our favorite; Ben’s been watching EVERYTHING IS FINE off and on all day. I highly recommend checking out any of those videos if you like funny things or food. I might go through and pick out some of my favorites sometime. Comment if that’s interesting; I’m not promising anything either way, but comments would be awesome.

Oh, and while I’m at it, have some more icons, or icon-ish type things.

look at the ash nightmare fuel pasteurized tobacco pointing fingers smoking football penguin surprised you're such an idiot