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Our Easter and Star Wars Stuff

We didn’t do much for Easter. We don’t really celebrate, and Ben isn’t allowed to have candy, so he got a bag full of stuff like bubbles, chalk, a new water bottle, new markers, and a calculator. We mostly hung out, and we watched the first two Star Wars (Original Trilogy).

Ben was quite taken with them. We finished the third one tonight, and as soon as we dig out the prequels, we’ll watch those with him. It’s funny to think that if Star Wars hadn’t existed, neither would Ben.

We’ll probably be building him a lightsaber hilt soonish, and maybe replacements for ourselves. We had hilts for a while, but they got lost in one of our moves. So I guess it’s time to start brainstorming design ideas and compiling parts lists. I used to be pretty good at rotoscoping, too, so we might have some interesting pictures at some point if I can get Photoshop back. I recently got a new computer with Win8.1, so I don’t know what programs work and work well. I’ll have to do some research.