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Still catching up

I’m still catching up on the Fallout 4 news in bits and pieces. From what I’ve heard so far, there’s good and worrying.

November 10 release date is obviously great! Voiced protagonists… that I’m not sure about. I haven’t watched the conference video yet, and I’m assuming there are examples in there, so I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve actually seen it.

The Collector’s Edition looks AWESOME. I’m hoping there will still be a copy available when I can afford it, although it’s not looking likely at this point.

I’ll post more when I’m more awake and have watched the video.


Maybe there’s something to Mercury Retrograde after all.

There have been massive storms here lately, including a tornado warning last night. As far as I know, it didn’t hit anywhere near us, but it was pretty weird and a little scary. We did lose power for a little bit, but not long at all.

Because of this, and because I thought walking to the library yesterday afternoon was a great idea, I am not doing so great today. The joints in my hands and feet, and my hips, are all very achy.

I’m also having technology issues: I swear I’m using the same one as always, but Windows won’t recognize my password, FitBit says they sent the password reset email but it’s not in my inbox, and gods help me if I can figure out how to get the password for Saga. And now If This, Then That says it can’t sign me in!!

I got a Stephen King book that I haven’t read at the library, 11/22/63. So far it’s really good. I think I’m going to go curl up with my non-technology book and my electronics can go conspire against me in a corner somewhere.