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I’m back!

Finally somewhat recovered from my awesome weekend in L.A. with the Overkill crew. I had so much fun! I met a lot of the crew, who were all super nice and clearly love what they do. I also really enjoyed hanging out with the other winners and look forward to playing with them in the future.

I actually had dinner about 250 feet away from the Bethesda announcement, and I saw some awesome cosplay afterwards, too. (I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but my phone was running out of battery.)

IMAG0292 (1)

Saturday night was the party, which was a blast. I met a couple of the voice actors, who were very gracious and cheerfully let me take selfies with them. It was weird and awesome to hear Chains’ voice actor just talking; he’s my husband’s favorite character, so I hear the in-game voice lines a LOT. Dallas’ voice actor was really nice. I do wish we’d been able to hang out more with them, but the party was pretty loud and very busy.


Sunday we had dinner with the head of the studio, the art director, and the music composer, which was fun. The head of the studio (I think he’s the head? His name is Almir) was very busy, which makes sense because they’ve got two booths at E3 and who knows how much other stuff going on, so he left right after dinner. We were at Dave and Buster’s, so we played some of the games and then went to see Jurassic World with the art director, Karl, and the composer, Simon. That was pretty fun, too. I also met the weapons guy, Pär, and he shared a tidbit about my favorite in-game gun. We had to leave really quickly, since our car was there, but I would have loved to stay and just hang out.


Overall, it was a great experience and I really appreciate it. I would also highly recommend Payday 2; it’s a great game, especially to play with friends. There are a few things I would have changed about the weekend, but the main one was that it was so busy and over so fast! It would have been great to have more time to just talk to people. The other thing I wish was that I could have brought my friends, but even so, I had such a great time and made new friends, so I’m definitely not complaining!