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Almost all packed…

We’re heading to New York City in the morning. Very very EARLY in the morning, in fact. The suitcases are almost all packed, just waiting on a few things to dry, Mar is cleaning out the car, the boys are playing video games so they don’t make a mess, the neighbor has a key to feed the cats, and I am very tired of laundry. Six loads today, although with my tiny washing machine, that’s about 30 pieces of clothing, and probably four or more loads yesterday, and everything has to air-dry because I don’t have a dryer. We have clothes EVERYWHERE. Or we did, until some of them dried enough to fold and pack.

Ben will be wearing his jammies so we can just carry him to the car and hopefully he’ll sleep for a while. Probably Alex will wear his jammies, too, and I plan to as well. I don’t know what Mar’s planning.

Anyway, we’re almost on the road. Woohoo!

Oh, and Ben never finished his scavenger hunt, so I’ll post the pictures he did take later on.


Ebooks and an anniversary.

I decided the other day to gather up all the ebooks I have and organize them. I use Calibre┬ábecause it’s pretty much the best, and I’ve used it before, so I know how it works. Unfortunately for me, it can get kind of tedious initially. I don’t have much RAM on my computer (I’d love another 2 gigs or more), so importing them took probably half an hour. Then I realized that I didn’t have blurbs and covers for a lot of the ebooks I have, so I tried to have Calibre automatically get metadata for me. That took a while, but it was helpful; about 75% of my books got metadata. The other 25%, however, I have to do manually, for a variety of reasons including reversed author/title, random titles or authors that weren’t right, and instances where neither the author nor the title were even close to being correct. If correct was the North Pole, these would be hanging out around the equator or possibly in the Southern Hemisphere.

I don’t think I’m even a quarter done with those. I’m going through by author, and I’m currently on “E”. The task is further complicated by the books that got the wrong metadata. It’ll be awesome when I’m done! It’s just that “done” looks like it’s about a week away. I’m so bored that I’m making stupid comments about Lego Marvel Superheroes as Alex plays; not snarky, just dumb. Ben’s “talking” for the characters, though, and Alex is also making silly comments, so I guess it might be genetic.

Yesterday was me and Mar’s 10th anniversary. (That is an awkward sentence to write in a grammatically correct manner. I don’t think I managed it. “Marco and I had our 10th anniversary yesterday.” That’s better.) We didn’t do anything, though; money was tight. He said we’ll go out for steak when he gets paid, so that will be nice.

Just about two weeks until we go to New York City to visit Mar’s family. Lots of planning to do, and packing, and I HAVE to do something about my hair. I got haircolor remover, but I can’t do it myself, so I have to wait until Mar is done with his nap. We both stayed up way later than we should have, so he set his alarm and got up fairly early to get Ben, who had his very first non-family sleepover last night. It went pretty well, except that Ben went magpie and took some Polish coins from one of his friends, so he’s not allowed to use the PS3 or play with his toys until he finds them. It’s the principle of the thing.

Well, off to get metadata for more ebooks and do more laundry. I have the most fun, don’t I? ;P