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More thoughts on Fallout 4

I intend to play some more Tale of Two Wastelands (a mod that combines FO3 and F:NV) today, but before that I wanted to mention that there are going to be some killer mods made for FO4. I have an idea for one already, although obviously it will require much more information as well as familiarity with the engine and learning how to mod.

Speaking of the engine, I suspect FO4 will have a new engine, or at least a significantly updated one. Even on Skyrim, the Creation¬†engine was showing its age. (I have to admit I kind of hope they keep Havok physics, just because they’re /hilarious/.)

As excited as I am, I can’t pretend there won’t be bugs. Of course there will be. I also fully admit that pre-ordering is probably foolish, given that within a month the biggest bugs will (maybe) be patched, but I think anyone who has a game series that they love like this will understand. My husband plays Dark Souls, so he’s had the same thing happen; in fact, he pre-ordered DS2 for PS3 because it was only out on consoles for the first few months or so, then bought the game again when it came to PC, so at least I won’t have to do that!

I am immensely excited, obviously. On the one hand, I want time to go quickly until E3 so I can find out more! On the other hand, I kind of savor this time, where there are so many possibilities that letting imagination run wild is not only accepted, but expected. Soon enough, we’ll know more, and we’ll all have opinions on what we do know, some of them quite strong. I’m trying not to become entrenched in any of my positions, because whether or not I like what they reveal, like voiced protagonist or forced gender, my opinion won’t change what we’ll actually get.

Yes, forced gender for the main quest is one of the rumors going around. I can’t see that happening, since it’s a big departure from the other games, both Fallout and Bethesda as a whole. Obviously it’s a possibility, but it seems unlikely. Voiced protagonist is another rumor that seems unlikely to me, again because neither the Fallout series or other Bethesda RPGs have done that; the “blank slate” main character is a significant part of the story.

A rumor I hope /is/ true, and which seems like it easily could be, is an October release date, or at least a fourth quarter release date. Previous FO games have released in October, and the “20% off merch” code for pre-ordering on the Bethesda site expires October 31, 2015. Most of the non-FO Bethesda games, particularly RPGs, have released in fourth quarter, and it makes a lot more sense to release FO4 before the holiday (read: lots of money exchanging hands for goods!) season.

One of the things I’m sure will be in the game, however, is The Institute (and, of course, Replicants). I’m very curious how that will work; I keep thinking of the Decemberists song “When The War Came”. Although that’s obviously not about this war or MIT, I wonder if the people inside the Institute were put in a similar situation.

“We made our oath to Vavilov
We’d not betray the solanum
The acres of asteraceae
To our own pangs of starvation”

To explain:

There is a seed bank down in the basement of a stodgy, old Russian building that had not only Vavilov’s 220,000 seeds, but another 150,000 from other collectors. During the Siege of St. Petersburg in 1941 [also known as the siege of Leningrad], the staff locked themselves in the building. They didn’t know where Vavilov, their leader, was, but they were so dedicated to the mission that they shared to collect and conserve the world’s food diversity that they locked themselves in to protect the seeds both from the Nazis and from starving people in their own streets who wanted to find grain or potatoes of any kind and eat them.

Over a series of months in 1942 and 1943, a dozen of the scientists starved to death while guarding those seeds. One of them said it was hard to wake up, it was hard to get on your feet and put on your clothes in the morning, but no, it was not hard to protect the seeds once you had your wits about you. Saving those seeds for future generations and helping the world recover after war was more important than a single person’s comfort.

(Source: http://www.splendidtable.org/story/how-nikolay-vavilov-the-seed-collector-who-tried-to-end-famine-died-of-starvation)

So I’m curious how the Institute dealt with the privations of war. I’m assuming that they had their own Vault or other shelter, at least for the administrators and professors. It’ll be interesting to see.